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  1. Coinzventure is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result from the usage of our Services or for your failure to understand the nature of virtual currencies or the market for such currencies. All we are providing you is a method by which you can exchange, and store certain virtual currencies, and we make no representations or warranties concerning the value, stability, or legality of any such virtual currencies.
  2. You acknowledge and agree to assume the following risks related to the usage of the Site and the Services:
  3. The risk of loss in buying, selling and or trading virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (collectively, “Digital Assets”) may be substantial and losses may occur over a short period of time.
  4. The price and liquidity of Digital Assets have been subject to large fluctuations in the past and may be subject to large fluctuations in the future.
  5. Digital Assets are not legal tender, not backed by any government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protections.
  6. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the state, federal or international level may adversely affect the usage, transfer, exchange, and value of Digital Assets.
  7. Transactions in Digital Assets may be irreversible, and accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.
  8. Some Digital Assets transactions shall be deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger, which is not necessarily the date or time that the customer initiates the transactions.
  9. The value of Digital Assets may be derived from the continued willingness of market participants to exchange fiat currencies for Digital Assets, which may result in the potential for permanent and total loss of value of a certain virtual currency should the market for that virtual currency disappear.
  10. There is no assurance that a person who accepts Digital Assets as a payment today will continue to do so in the future.
  11. The nature of Digital Assets may lead to an increased risk of fraud or cyber-attack and may mean that technological difficulties experienced by the Company may prevent the access or usage of your Digital Assets.
  12. Your account with Coinzventure may not be sufficient to cover all losses incurred by you.
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  14. You admit and affirm that you do not suffer any disability which would cause you not to fully understand these terms and conditions.
  15. You admit and affirm that you are not low income.
  16. You admit and affirm that you are not in any position of disadvantage in the transaction to join as a member of Coinzventure.
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You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for determining the nature, potential value, suitability, and appropriateness of those risks, and that Coinzventure does not give advice or recommendations regarding Digital Assets, including the suitability and appropriateness, and investment strategies for, Digital Assets. You acknowledge and agree that you shall access and use the Services and the Site at your own risk. This brief statement does not disclose all the risks associated with trading, exchanging, and storing Digital Assets. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading, exchanging, and storing is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. You should be aware that you may sustain a total loss of the funds in your Account (as defined throughout these Terms and Conditions), and that under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position.